During many ages women with curly hairs were intended to find a way to straighten them as well as women with straight hair desired to make curls. The low-cost and available technology has emerged in 21st century, when stylers became a right hand of multiple hair-dressers and the majority of women. Despite the critical views of stylists and doctors, which permanently remind of the harm stylers can do, a lot of females cannot imagine their life without using a hair iron in the morning, especially in recent times. In contrast, stylers are a good alternative to expensive biological and chemical defrizzers and related procedures offered in fashionable saloons.

Notwithstanding the wide distribution of this technics in recent years, the patent on hair straightener was issued in 1908 to Simon Monroe, who made it comprising seven metal teeth, which brushed a hair. A year later Isaac Shero patented the idea of hair styler, which consisted of two warming irons pressed to each other. Later, in 1912, this novelty was improved by Jennifer Bell Shoefield, who added a hinge. There are also some claims about first patents registered in 1872 by two different inventors: Erica Fieldman and Marcel Grateau.

There are lots of issues related to the hair iron usage. For instance, what material it should be made of (metal or ceramic), how dry hair should be, what ionization tools it maintains, etc. New technologies, the development of which is observed, constantly respond to these problems by discovering new hair iron devices and supplements, which with time disperse over population, especially within women.

Among recent advancements IONTEC technology introduced by Braun Company is worth mentioning. This is one of the novelties, which contradicts critical statements about stylers. It is an ionization technology, which offers ceramic gills with a temperature regime control, overdrying protection and moderate air stream. Other companies, which supply hair irons and their new technics, include Phillips, Remington, Bosch, Rowenta and many others.